Lake Gala

Lake Gala

National Park Lake Gala covers an area of ​​15000 acres. In 1991, 5850 acres around the lake were declared as Nature Reserve, and later scientists – ecologists and biologists from the Thracian University of Edirne assisted in declaring this area as a protected area and National Park.
In the moment continues the work on environmental and nature conservation, birds and water inhabitants of the river and lakes Pamuklu and Little Gala.

The area is protected by the International Convention for the Protection of Wetlands of Europe and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey. There are about 163 species of local birds, 27 species of migratory species, wintering in the lake and 90 species of spring-autumn migratory birds. In both lakes there are over 16 species of fish, including white fish, carp, northern pike, European eel. Fishing and hunting in the reserve are forbidden.

  • Alluvial freshwater dam lake;
  • 10 km away from Enez;
  • 23 km away from Ipsala;
  • Near to the delta of Maritsa River; – 5.6 km2 surface area ;
  • 2 m above the sea level;
  • 0.4 – 2.2 m depth;
  • Big Gala and Small Gala lakes;
  • Fed by drainage canal from Maritsa river, other small streams and rain.
  • Observation and study of birds – a favorite place for ornithologists;
  • Biodiversity study for students and scientists;
  • Build of a visitor centers (of biodiversity, rise, etc.), hiking trails, towers for birdwatching and other interpretive tools for displaying and studying;
  • Possibilities for organizing of water sports and cycling;
  • Combining the natural and archaeological monuments, human activities (rise planting) and the sea as a joint tourist product.

The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Turkey Programme

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